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Jun 20

Sewing Projects For The Beginner

By Tammie | Sewing

Do you want to learn how to sew? Are you looking for the perfect beginning sewing projects? Do you want ease your way into becoming a master seamstress? If so, you should definitely look for projects that beginning sewers can successfully complete. While you may see a lot of great options out there for sewing […]

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Jun 19

Sewing Hacks to Help You Sew Better

By Tammie | Sewing

Do you enjoy the art and craft of sewing, either because you want to have warm blankets, clothing that you like or even gifts to give to others? Perhaps you even operate some type of sewing business or are thinking about starting one so that you can have some additional cash. No matter the reason […]

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Apr 12

Hello Stitch Friends!

By Tammie | Blog

Welcome to Stitch Mart! Finally we are live. 😉 Stay tuned for some crafty stitchin and some fun chattin with you all girls! I just started the blog yesterday so please bear with me. Watch out my post about easy projects for beginners that you can make in less than an hour. Ciao!

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